Which Statement Best Explains How Corruption In The Catholic Church?

Communion, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, is a type of sacrifice that allows for the forgiveness of sins.This is in direct opposition to what is said in the Bible and is thus a perversion.Purgatory, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, is a location from where sins that are committed in this life might be cleansed.

  • This is a heretical belief that is not supported by the Bible in any way.

Are there corruptions in the Roman Catholic Church?

In my opinion, the Roman Catholic Church is riddled with considerable levels of corruption, most of which can be seen in its practice and less so in its doctrine. Here are a few illustrations to illustrate my point: (there are many more).

What was one result of the reformation of the Catholic Church?

It was a factor that contributed to the dissemination of religious beliefs.It was helpful in gaining support for reforms inside the Catholic Church.It contributed to the establishment of new leadership roles inside the church.

  • Which of the following is a direct consequence of the changes that were made?
  • Which of the following statements provides the BEST explanation for how the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church impacted Europeans in the 1400s?

Why was the Catholic Church able to suppress so many groups?

In point of fact, the Church was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people for no other reason than the fact that they had their own beliefs on how to worship God. Naturally, due to the combining of Church and state, which was unlawful at the time, the Catholic Church was able to repress all other organizations. This was made possible by both factors.

What caused the schism of the Catholic Church?

The Protestant Reformation was the root cause of the rift that occurred inside the Catholic Church.People started coming to the conclusion that the doctrines of the church were corrupt and unfair, and Martin Luther was their leader at this time.After the publication of Luther’s book 95 Theses, a greater number of people started to see what was going wrong.

  • Initially, just a small number of individuals began to rebel against catholic control.
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Which statement best explains how corruption in the Catholic Church affected Europeans during the 1400s quizlet?

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the impact that the Catholic Church’s widespread corruption had on Europeans throughout the 1400s? People started to have second thoughts about the Pope’s authority.

Which statement best explains how corruption in the Catholic Church affected Europeans during the 1400s group of answer choices?

Which of the following statements provides the BEST explanation for how the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church impacted Europeans in the 1400s?Many organizations set their sights on achieving religious freedom in North America.The imposition of religious restrictions led to a drop in commercial activity.

  • The Church gradually gained control of more and more territory from the ruling monarchs.

What was the effect of the corruption in the church with the political and economic power of the church and brought resentment with all classes especially the noble class?

The church’s political and economic influence led to its corruption, which in turn brought about hatred among all social strata, particularly the noble class. The public formed the idea that church officials were more concerned with amassing fortune than providing spiritual guidance to the congregation.

What was an effect of Luther’s assertion the pope Cannot remit forgive any guilt except by declaring and showing that it has been remitted forgiven by God?

The only way the pope can absolve someone of guilt is to publicly declare and demonstrate that the sin has already been forgiven by God.. What was one consequence of Luther’s assertion? Those who teach that remorse is not essential for people who plan to purchase souls out of purgatory or who intend to buy confessionalia do not preach any Christian doctrine.

What was a complaint that religious reformers had about the Roman Catholic Church during this time?

The practice of selling indulgences, which was one of the ways that the church made money, was one of the three things that people had a problem with. A second issue was that the church was getting too affluent, and thirdly, the behavior of the clergy began to worry people.

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Which statement best describes the effect Islamic civilizations had on Europe during the Middle Ages *?

Which of the following statements on the impact of Islamic caliphates on Europe throughout the Middle Ages is the most accurate? A more complicated economy was the result of increased commerce between Europe and Islamic countries.

When England broke away from the Catholic Church who was made head of the English Church?

The rupture that King Henry VIII made with the Catholic Church is one of the events in English history that had the most far-reaching effects.During the time of the Reformation, the King of England took over the role of Head of the Church in England, replacing the Pope in that role.This resulted in a severe schism between Catholics and Protestants.

  • But why did Henry go through with such a dramatic breakup?

Which practice of the Catholic Church did Martin Luther criticize in his ninety five theses of 1517?

In his theses, Luther criticized the abuses and immoral practices of the Roman Catholic Church. In particular, he objected to the practice of the papacy of charging money (known as ″indulgences″) in exchange for the remission of sins.

How did religious beliefs and practices change in Europe as a result of the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation was a religious reform movement that occurred in Europe in the 1500s.It was led by Protestants.It was the catalyst that led to the development of a sect of Christianity known as Protestantism, which is a term that is used to refer to all of the many religious communities that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church owing to disagreements in their doctrinal beliefs.

What were the three effects of the Catholic Reformation?

Increased levels of education and training for certain priests in the Roman Catholic Church. The conclusion of the offering of indulgences for purchase. Protestant services are often conducted in the local vernacular as opposed to Latin. The Peace of Augsburg (1555) gave German rulers the opportunity to choose whether the lands under their control would be under Catholic or Lutheran rule.

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What were the political effects of Catholic decline?

With the establishment of the Jesuit Order as one example, the Catholic Church and other churches began to place a greater focus on the function of education. The Catholic Church’s moral and political authority declined as a direct result of the political ramifications of the Reformation, which also resulted in an increase in the power of kings and state governments.

Which of the following was Catholic Church’s response to criticisms against the Catholic Church?

The Counter-Reformation of the Catholic Church The Catholic Church responded to the rapid growth of Protestantism over many regions of Europe by enacting some limited reforms, putting an end to excesses that had occurred in the past, and fighting against the future development of Protestantism. The term ″Catholic Counter-Reformation″ describes this movement perfectly.

What does it mean to say that the pope Cannot remit our guilt?

6. The pope is unable to absolve any sin, unless he first declares that it has been absolved by God and then gives his consent to God’s absolution; but, he does have the authority to absolve sins in circumstances that are left up to his own discretion. If he were prevented from exercising his prerogative to grant remission in situations like these, the guilt would not be pardoned at all.

Why did Luther believe the popes were enemies of the church?

Luther held the view that the popes were the enemies of the Church due to the fact that the Church was weakened by the popes’ corruption, which made it more susceptible to assault. The Protestant Reformation in Europe was spurred by new ideas, unrest within the ecclesiastical community, and political instability.

What were the differences in interpretation of the two terms — Catholic Reformation and Counter Reformation?

The Roman Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation, which notably manifested itself via the Council of Trent, is commonly referred to as the Counter Reformation. The intellectual counter-movement to Protestantism was the Catholic Reformation, which occurred in the 16th century.

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