How Did Catholic Monasteries Preserved Ancient Languages And Learning?

Which of these is NOT a manner that ancient languages and learning were maintained by Catholic monasteries? They composed tales based on early Egyptian myths and traditions. They used a manual process to copy the old manuscripts. They instructed students about the religious beliefs of ancient China.

Why do monks copy?

The famous image of a monk slumped over a copy desk with a quill in his hand, penning manuscripts on reams of parchment represents this truth: a confidence in the power of words. Their hard work in copying was done for the purpose of education, education was done for the purpose of comprehension, and comprehension was done for the sake of worship and giving gratitude.

Why do we monks practice communal monastics?

We monks lay down deep roots and aim to create the grounded humanity that Greek philosophers and their Christian descendants defined as learning ″to dwell with the self″ via collective monastic activities.This is something that we strive for when we engage in our monastic practices ( habitare secum ).When it is at its best, the stability that monastic life provides frees the mind to wander extensively and to find surprising applications for what is discovered.

What can we do to protect our monks’ manuscripts?

The churches and cloisters in Minnesota were beyond the ability of the monks in Minnesota to safeguard, but we were able to microfilm their manuscripts and store backup copies in the United States.In the 1950s, the Vatican Library had done something comparable by entrusting Saint Louis University in Missouri with the microfilming of many of its manuscripts.Saint Louis University is located in Missouri.

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What did the Benedictines do in the Renaissance?

Benedictine monks and nuns have a long history of innovation and early adoption of new technologies.In order to get monks up and ready for early morning prayers, clocks were first invented in the Middle Ages.The development of moveable type and mechanical printing came as a huge relief to the printing industry.A Benedictine psalter was the second book to be printed using Gutenberg’s machinery.

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