Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome?

Abortion on demand, the shrinkage of liberties and the development of the state, a pagan popular culture, the loss of families and free markets, and the reduction of science to trivial pop-technology are the symptoms of America’s downfall, and they are all around us.

Is the’Catholic Republic’on the verge of social collapse?

Gordon contends that the so-called ″Catholic republic″ that is the United States of America would not be on the verge of societal collapse if its citizens had properly adhered to Catholic ideals from the time the country was founded.

What should Catholics think about the American founding?

What perspective should Catholics take on the birth of the United States? The majority of commentators have taken one of two positions on this issue: either Catholics can find a way to reconcile the foundation with their faith, or the founding and republican governance in general are incompatible with Catholic teachings.

Is the Catholic Church Reclaiming natural law and subsidiarity?

  1. Verified Purchase Used in a Review Conducted in the United States on June 11, 2019 Reclaiming natural law and subsidiarity in a Catholic context is something that Gordon achieves very well.
  2. Even if it’s true that these ideas constituted the foundation of Catholic social teaching up until around sixty years ago, it’s also true that the post-conciliator Church has almost entirely abandoned these ideas.

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