Which Of The Following Is The World’S Largest Roman Catholic Country?

Which of the following countries has the highest percentage of the population that is Roman Catholic? Brazil is the nation with the greatest Roman Catholic population in the world. Log in to view further information or to receive credit for answering this question correctly.

The percentage of people who identify as Catholic in Brazil is the greatest of any country. In the most recent Brazilian census, the number was reported at 123 million, although the World Christian Database estimated it as high as 150 million in their compilation of numbers from 2010 for that country.

Which country has the largest Catholic population?

Countries That Have The Highest Percentage Of Roman Catholics In Their Populations Brazil is the country with the biggest percentage of its population that identifies as Catholic and Christian, with 126 million people falling into both categories. The inside of a church that follows the Catholic faith.

Which countries have a long history of Catholicism?

  1. Although there was considerable persecution of the church in the years after Colombia’s declaration of independence from Spain in 1819, Catholicism managed to survive and become the dominant faith in the country.
  2. The country is home to more than 120 different religious groups and 52 different dioceses.
  3. 6.
  4. France (44,000,000) France, much like Italy, has a protracted history of the Catholic religion.

What percentage of the Spanish population is Catholic?

According to studies conducted over the course of the past several months, around 70 percent of the Spanish population identifies as Catholic, making Spain one of the top 10 most Catholic countries in the world. Aleteia is a Catholic publication that covers topics such as spirituality, lifestyle, international news, and culture. The 18th of January in 2019.

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How many Catholics are there in Brazil?

  1. The Catholic faith is practiced by 126.8 million people in Brazil, which corresponds to a population share of 61 percent.
  2. The faith was carried to the new world by the Portuguese, and in 1551 the first diocese was established.
  3. Even after the country gained its independence, Catholicism continued to serve as the state religion, even though it was a requirement only during the time of colonial administration.

What is the largest Roman Catholic country?

  1. According to the CIA Factbook and the Pew Research Center, the five nations with the highest number of Catholics, in descending order of the percentage of the total population that is Catholic, are as follows: Brazil
  2. Mexico
  3. Philippines
  4. United States of America
  5. Italy

What is the most Roman Catholic state?

There were four states—New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island—where a majority of the people adhered to the Catholic faith. By state.

State % Catholic Largest Christian denomination
Massachusetts 34 Catholic Church
Rhode Island 42
New Jersey 34
California 28

Is the Roman Catholic church the largest?

The largest church in the world based on interior and external space and capacity is the Catholic (Latin) St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

What is the largest Catholic country in Asia?

The percentage of Christians and the total number of Christians in each Asian nation and territory

Country or region Percentage Christians Total population
Cyprus 79.3% 792,604
Russia 73,6% 142,200,000
Lebanon 41% 4,200,000
South Korea 29.2% 51,709,098

Which countries are Roman Catholic?

The Year 2022 Will Have the Highest Catholic Population

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Country % Catholic of Total Population Number of Catholics
Monaco 82.30% 29,933
Philippines 81.40% 85,470,000
Equatorial Guinea 80.70% 1,410,000
Mexico 80.00% 100,000,000

What country is mostly Catholic?

According to an analysis of recent surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center in 34 European countries, Catholics are the largest religious group in many of the continent’s most populous countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain. This conclusion was reached after surveying residents in each of these countries.

Where is the largest Catholic church in the United States?

The shrine is one of the greatest religious structures in the world, and it is the largest Catholic church edifice in all of North America.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Location 400 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, D.C.
Country United States
Denomination Roman Catholic
Tradition Roman Rite

How many Roman Catholics are in America?

1 According to the Religious Landscape Study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2014, there are around 51 million adult Catholics living in the United States. This is approximately one-fifth of the entire adult population in the United States.

What is the biggest religion in the world?

Adherents in 2020

Religion Adherents Percentage
Christianity 2.382 billion 31.11%
Islam 1.907 billion 24.9%
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist 1.193 billion 15.58%
Hinduism 1.161 billion 15.16%

How Catholic is the Philippines?

The Philippines takes great pride in the fact that it is the sole Christian nation in all of Asia. Over 86 percent of the population adheres to the Roman Catholic faith, while another 6 percent are members of a variety of nationalized Christian cults, and the other 2 percent are members of well over 100 Protestant denominations.

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What’s the most Catholic country in Europe?

First in terms of population is Russia, which is followed by Germany and then Italy as the most populous Christian nations in Europe. Christianity spread over Europe.

95–100% Malta Moldova Armenia Romania Vatican City
90–95% San Marino Portugal Liechtenstein Ireland Serbia Croatia Poland Iceland

What are the Catholic countries in Asia?

  1. Detailed Outline of the Topic: The Catholic Church in Asia There are two countries in Asia that adhere to the Catholic faith: the Philippines and East Timor.
  2. There are nearly half as many Catholics as there are non-Catholics in Lebanon.
  3. The Philippines, India, China, South Korea, and Vietnam are the countries in Asia with the highest percentages of Catholics

Is Russia a Catholic country?

  1. There are currently close to 140,000 people who identify as Catholic in Russia, which accounts for around 0.1 percent of the entire population.
  2. It is believed that there were 500,000 Catholics living in the nation after the fall of the Soviet Union; however, the vast majority of them have either passed away or moved on to their countries of origin in Europe, such as Germany, Belarus, or Ukraine.

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