What Qualifies You To Get An Annulment In The Catholic Church?

The process of determining that something is not valid is known as annulment.Declaring that a marriage never existed in the eyes of the law is what it means to have it annulled.When a couple wishes to have their marriage annulled, they are required to follow the processes that have been set down by the Catholic Church.In the first place, a couple has to get a divorce from a civil court before they can file for an annulment.

The petitioner never meant to be married permanently or faithful, and the petitioner’s mental condition or drug misuse prohibited them from committing to a lifetime marriage. These are some typical reasons for annulment requests.

What makes a marriage valid in the Catholic Church?

If one of the parties to a marriage is Catholic, then the marriage itself must typically take place within the context of the Catholic faith in order for it to be recognized as legitimate. In most cases, this includes a marriage that is contracted in the presence of a priest or deacon in addition to two witnesses.

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