The roman catholic response to the reformation was formulated at which of the following

How does Fra Andrea Pozzo create the illusion of Heaven opening above the heads of the congregation in the church of Sant Ignazio?

How does Fra Andrea Pozzo create the illusion of Heaven opening above the heads of the congregation in the church of Sant ‘ Ignazio ? He illusionistically continued the church’s actual architecture into the vault so the roof seems to be lifting off.

Which city has been generally credited with the birth of the Baroque style?


Which of the following artists created the Baldacchino?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Which artist most influenced the style of Artemisia Gentileschi?


Who was the most renowned female painter of the 17th century?

Artemisia Gentileschi

How is rococo art different from Baroque?

Rococo developed out of Baroque . Both styles feature elaborate ornament and decoration, and both were used in large structures with a social or cultural status. Baroque architecture is serious, dramatic, and heavy. On the other hand, Rococo is light, airy, and decorative.

What does Baldacchino mean?

A baldachin, or baldaquin (from Italian: baldacchino ), is a canopy of state typically placed over an altar or throne. Baldachins are often supported on columns, especially when they are disconnected from an enclosing wall.

What was the primary subject matter of Dutch paintings of the 1600s?

Paintings depicting aspects of the natural world were so characteristic of the Netherlands that, during the seventeenth century, the Dutch words stilleven and landschap were adopted into English as “still life” and “landscape.” Before the mid- 1600s , though, the Dutch themselves usually referred to pictures by their

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What is Tenebrism in art?

Jacob’s Dream Jusepe de Ribera

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