Catholic central high school michigan

What division is Grand Rapids Catholic Central?

Catholic Central High School (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Catholic Central High School
Student to teacher ratio 16.2
Color(s) Royal blue & white
Athletics conference Ottawa-Kent Conference
Nickname Cougars

How many students go to Central Catholic High School?

1 330 2015–2016

Is Detroit Catholic Central All boys?

Detroit Catholic Central High School, commonly known as Catholic Central (CC), is a private, Catholic , all – male , college preparatory high school in Novi, Michigan, United States.

How much is Catholic Central High School?

Finances and Admission

Admission Deadline None / Rolling
Yearly Tuition Cost $12,200 View national tuition avg.

Is Central Catholic a private school?

Central Catholic High School is a private , Roman Catholic , Lasallian, all-boys college preparatory school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

How many students are at Central Catholic?

815 2020–2021

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