Where In The Catholic Bible Does It Talk About Homosexuality?

Even while it admits that we are all born with a predisposition to go against what God says, the Bible doesn’t make any direct comments on the biology of gay inclinations.However, it does concede that we all have a tendency to disobey God.(Romans 7:​21-​25) The Bible, on the other hand, does not address the question of why people have gay impulses; rather, it forbids homosexual behavior.

  • how to honor God in spite of having impulses for same-sex relationships.

Are homosexuality and homosexual activity biblical?

People who identify as gay should of course be loved and cherished, and homosexual tendencies themselves are not immoral if they are suppressed by their owners.However, engaging in homosexual behavior is contrary to both morality and the Bible.After hearing such self-justifications, many Christians who support traditional families are left wondering whose ″bible″ the homophiles are using as their source of information.

Is homosexuality a sin?

To be able to accept this gift, we must, however, turn away from sin, which includes any action that is designed to excite or provoke a sexual response in reference to a person of the same sex.This includes homosexual behavior.According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, actions like these are always in violation of divine and natural law.

  • However, homosexual urges, in and of themselves, do not constitute sin.

Is there a “gay Bible”?

You won’t believe it, but there really is a book called the ″Gay Bible.″ The eight passages in the King James Version of 1769 that deal with homosexuality have been changed in the ″Queen James Version″ ″in a way that renders homophobic interpretations impossible.″ 2

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