When Is Catholic School Week 2022?

It begins on the final Sunday of January and continues throughout the week, from January 30 to February 5. The phrase ″Catholic Schools: Faith″ will serve as the main focus of National Catholic Schools Week in 2022.

What is the theme of Catholic schools week 2022?

The week of February 30 – February 5 in 2022 is designated as Catholic Schools Week. Catholic Schools: Faith, Excellence, and Service will be the focus of attention in 2022. Pray with the saints, such as Elizabeth Ann Seton, Thomas Aquinas, or the saint that is associated with your institution.

When is Catholic schools week 2021-2022?

2021-2022. Explore Catholic Schools Week will take place from November 14th through November 20th, 2021. Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated from January 30 to February 5 in 2022.

What is celebrate Catholic schools week?

When families are searching for a new school for their children, we want to assist highlight the qualities that set Catholic schools apart as the finest options. After that, we will continue to celebrate Catholic schools with our annual Celebrate Catholic Schools Week from the 31st of January to the 6th of February, 2021.

What is the theme of this year’s Catholic schools?

″Catholic Schools: Faith.Excellence.Service.″ is the topic for this year’s conference.

Catholic schools strive to instill a sense of faith in their students and guide them toward a relationship with the God who loves them and formed them while they were still in the womb.This is accomplished in a variety of ways, ranging from teaching kindergarteners how to genuflect to guiding middle schoolers through curriculums on the theology of the body.

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