What To Do With Old Bibles Catholic?

  1. There is no one method that is expressly authorized to be used for getting rid of old Bibles.
  2. Even though it is a tradition among certain Catholics, the act of disposing of religious items that have been blessed by either burying them or burning them is not required by law.
  3. However, this practice is followed by some Catholics.
  4. It is possible that you will choose to adhere to that tradition if the Bible has been blessed.
  5. In such case, you should get rid of it the same way you would any other book.

There is a tradition in the Catholic religion that calls for Bibles and other artifacts considered blessed to be either burned or buried after being disposed of. On the other hand, there is no codified church rule dictating the appropriate course of action. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they should keep an old Christian Bible.

What to do with old Bibles?

  1. 1 Churches, which may then give the book to someone in need as a charitable act.
  2. 2 Libraries, which may make the book available for checkout or sell it as a means of raising money for the library.
  3. 3 Thrift stores, which are able to sell the book to someone who may require it for a price that is pretty low.
  4. 4 homeless shelters that are run by Christians and offer a variety of services, including prayer meetings and bible studies.
  5. Additional things

What to do with old liturgical books when someone dies?

  1. Some people have even recommended adopting a practice that is common in many Eastern Churches, which is to place liturgical books or Bibles in the coffin of the deceased as a symbol of their dedication and love for the liturgy.
  2. This is done as a statement of love for the liturgy.
  3. The ancient liturgical books might be burned instead of buried, and the ashes could be buried in the earth at the proper site on the church premises after the burning process.
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What to do with old Bibles on the mission field?

On the mission field, it is not difficult to obtain your old bibles. Put them in a box. We also provide shipping for Christian publications, study guides, material for Sunday school, and more. Make an effort to fill up the box so that the contents do not shift while being mailed; if required, cram empty places with newspaper or another type of filler.

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